At Elysian Psychotherapy, we believe each client is unique and as such tailor each session according to the individual needs of the client. We offer individual counselling and psychotherapy, treating a wide range of issues that clients may be experiencing.


These include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Grief and Loss
• Anxiety and Depression
• Stress Management
• Trauma
• Addiction

• Eating Disorders and Body Image issues
• Relationship Issues
• Parenting Issues
• Career Change & Work Issues

Somatic Body Work

The body contains an abundance of information that can be unfolded and explored through a variety of channels. For some individuals, talk therapy alone is unable to achieve the desired outcomes. Somatic psychotherapy is another therapeutic method used for successfully working with clients.


We all experience that felt sense, an uneasy body sensation, a feeling something is not right – but often we allow the mind to override its message. Our bodies hold onto past trauma which can then manifest in physical symptoms like pain, anxiety, addiction and other medical issues. Somatic psychotherapy confirms that the mind and body are deeply connected and with increasing evidence and support in the field of neuroscience, working somatically can assist in bringing a client’s unconscious thoughts and experiences into light.


There are a number of approaches utilised in somatic therapy. With core training in Process-Oriented Psychology, Helen & Kristin use a this approach which is recognised in the field of body psychotherapy and somatic psychology. It seeks to encounter with the unknown and the irrational side of life. It appreciates symptoms and disturbances of any sort, not as pathologies to be healed or transcended, but as expressions of an underlying subconscious that needs to be brought to light and understood.

Elysian Business Coaching & Counselling

Elysian Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling Clinic offer independent, personalised counselling support for corporations, assisting employees through challenging times that may be impacting upon their well-being and performance in the workplace. Our services can become an integral component of company EAP’s, complementing existing workplace initiatives and internal HR functions.


There are times when the issues presented by an employee are outside the scope of internal remediation procedures or require specialist skills which only a trusted therapist can provide. At Elysian we hope to bridge this gap and ensure that all employees have access to the support they require.

We work with issues regarding conflict, workplace anxiety, stress, bullying, discrimination and harassment.   We also offer workshops and coaching to help medium to small sized business and their employees thrive.

Women in Transition

For women, transition can occur at any age and numerous times over the course of life. There are times when we choose transition but other transitions can be thrust upon us. These changes can leave us with feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy and often require women to re-examine their assumptions on identify, value and purpose.


We are both passionate about working closely with women who too often are struggling in a world that lacks compassion and understanding on the effects of the transition process. Many women we work with have a sense of apathy with life or a lack of identity that accompanies having children, leaving work, relationship breakdown, empty-nesting or menopause.


Through an embodied psychotherapy approach, we work to deepen into the senses, exploring each woman’s connection to her own wisdom and archetypal energy of the feminine. This awakening therapy can help women navigate this unchartered territory to live a life of their choosing with purpose and passion.


In a fast changing world, people are searching for deeper meaning in their lives, often asking questions such as “who am I?” and “what is the purpose of my life?”.


Understanding life cycles and how patterns tend to mirror and repeat themselves throughout our lifetime helps identify the thread, or life myth, that weaves its way through our lives. This thread often holds a deeply rooted connection to our unconscious experience and bringing it to light can provide clarity and order to often chaotic events, and bring awareness to current behavior and patterns. Through biography, exploring our earliest childhood dreams and memories can guide us in connecting to our life myth.


Working with your personal biography through therapy can help you make sense or give meaning to your life. When this occurs, you are not held by the past but can recognise the dance which guides you as you move forward with the wisdom inherent in your life. We have both been trained using an anthroposophical approach to biography and can talk through the approach in more detail in our first consultation.

Life & Wellness Coaching

Many people seek life coaching when they feel stuck, are grappling with big decisions or simply need support in making change and clarifying their life’s purpose.


Coaching focuses on the present and works with an individual’s goals for the future. By enhancing access to and utilisation of key strengths, coaching can help integrate goals to create a more balanced and fulfilling life. Helen is an accredited holistic lifestyle coach having completed programs with the Australian Wellness Foundation & CHEK Institute (HLC1) and she has many years of experience coaching individuals in the Corporate sector.


Coaching is not therapy but as a qualified psychotherapist, Helen can identify any unresolved trauma or past issues that may be holding you back.


We offer regular workshops at the clinic .  Our skilled therapists offer a range of workshops on various topics.  Please refer to our blog, Instagram or facebook page, or subscribe to our newsletter via this website.   Our next workshop ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ will run in April.  Places are limited so please contact us directly if you would like to book.