Elysian Hearts Pro Bono Clinic

Elysian Hearts: Pro Bono Clinic

“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”.


In a world where many of us feel we are too insignificant to make a difference, this old proverb deeply resonates. As human beings, we all yearn for purpose, a reason to exist and a need to ‘give back’ in gratitude for our own blessings.

As individuals or as a business no matter how big or small, we all have an opportunity to champion a cause for positive change.

As therapists, we have experienced first-hand the many benefits of a strong therapeutic relationship, and committing to a process of meaningful inner work. We are also deeply aware that there are those in our community who struggle, who need to reach out but who simply do not have the resources.

Over the years the process of support has greatly improved with organisations such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Relationships Australia and The Salvation Army to name just a few offering free telephone crisis and counseling support. In addition, the GP referral Mental Health Treatment Plan has been instrumental in providing Medicare rebates for up to ten sessions with a psychologist. We have wonderful organisations such as RUOK? raising awareness on mental health and Headspace providing critical support to our young people.


So is there something that we can we do?


Well, we think so.

Our little drop in the ocean is the ‘Elysian Hearts’ project. This project has always been at the core of our ethos in creating Elysian Integrative Psychotherapy & Counseling Clinic. Our inspiration has been the many incredible people who have crossed our paths. Men and women we have met at workshops, coffee shops, school events, functions, on trains and buses, online and in the park. These are everyday people who have experienced the depths of overwhelm with life’s transitions – unexpected break-ups, new children, parenthood, grief and loss, addiction, career changes, harassment, disordered eating, body image issues, anxiety…the list goes on.

Elysian Hearts is a pro-bono clinic for these people. Every Wednesday the clinic is open providing therapy, support and referrals for those who need to reach out and may not find themselves in a financial position or be a suitable candidate to access other available resources. Our work in this project is grounded in supporting people through life’s challenges and transitions. If you would like to reach out and be part of the ‘Elysian Hearts’ project, we would love to hear from you.

This is our little drop in the ocean #givingback

What’s yours?

Helen O'Byrne
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