Meet Our Psychotherapists

Helen O’Byrne

Helen is a highly experienced Registered Integrative Psychotherapist, Trauma Therapist and Co-founder of the Elysian Integrative Psychotherapy Centre  in Sydney.. She is also the owner of ‘Celtic Soul Therapy’ and for more information on her work, please visit

Her work reflects her post graduate training in Process Oriented Psychology, a depth psychology theory associated with transpersonal psychology, somatic psychotherapy and post Jungian psychology.  She has also trained in somatic psychotherapy and sound therapy.

Helen works across a range of mental health issues to include anxiety, stress,  depression,relationship issues, trauma,PTSD, grief and loss.

It is her belief that therapy should be accessible to all people, and not just in times of crisis. Bringing together science and heart, her approach uses scientific evidence based neuroscience alongside a range of creative and expressive therapeutic modalities.  These include CBT, Process Oriented Psychology, IFS (Intenal Family Systems).  She is of the belief that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to therapy and views each individual from a holistic perspective.  She encourages individuals to explore different modalities to see what resonates and connects for them to help with their mental health challenges.

As an Integrative Pyshchotherapist, central to all her work is a strong belief that the mind and the body are not only interdependent but are inseparable. This approach recognises that painful experiences are often stored in the body.  When emotions are repressed, denied or not allowed, our systems become contracted and blocked resulting in unease, anxiety, unhappiness and this can create pain in relationship with ourselves and others.   Helen is of the belief that many of us can feel this in our physical bodies, feeling anxious, stressed, a weak immune system, depleted energy, an inability to move forward and an overwhelming sense of just not feeling right.  This imbalance often keeps us feeling stuck and has a negative impact on our relationships, and on our general perception of the world.  With inner work by going deep within the layers bringing the unconscious into consciousness, Helen works to allow the deeply held patterns, beliefs and behaviours unfold which create the story of your outer life.  She has a deep commitment to working collaboratively with people to develop new insights and create positive change.   She truly believes that with the right support, we all have the ability to heal and move forward.

Originally from Ireland, Helen has been in Australia since 1995.  She is a regular speaker and educator in the field of mental health. She has a love of music, Celtic Mythology, Celtic Shamanism and the ancient Celtic Ways.  The full offering of her work can be found at Celtic Soul Therapy.

Helen O'Byrne Psychotherapist Mosman Sydney
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