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Kristin Hall

Kristin Hall Psychotherapist Mosman Sydney

Kristin Hall

In periods of change or crisis, we either turn away from the challenges posed or we choose to sit in the unknown – to be uncomfortable, unsure, to be lost, to doubt and to question. When faced with this unknown, we can make a decision to look inwards and commit to a process of authentic self-work, something that has become a central focus of my life. I hope to be on this same journey with my clients as a strong therapeutic relationship is key to navigating through what can seem like seemingly impossible situations.

It’s never too late to question how we think about ourselves, others and the world. Maintaining the status quo may be easier, but from my experience, there is nothing more rewarding than peeling back the layers and facing up to what is often a lifetime of unconscious behavior that keeps presenting us with the same issues over and over. All of a sudden things make sense, there’s a different kind of awareness and life becomes richer. We can create and curate our lives in a way that embraces mindfulness, deepens awareness, inspires creativity and is grounded in love. Having fun and being a free spirit is vital for me and keeping a good balance in my life is always a juggling act but makes for a life less ordinary!

I’ve been on quite a long journey to get where I am today. Born and raised in Sydney, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and moved to London where I spent 6 years contracting to major banks in Europe. Feeling a lack of passion for the corporate environment, I then moved to Edinburgh where I co-founded a charity promoting health and fitness amongst children in Scotland. Working for three years as Trustee and operating the charity confirmed my desire to work deeply with people, and alongside other transitions in my life, led to me moving back to Sydney to complete my postgraduate training in holistic psychotherapy and counselling.

After completing my training in Process-Oriented Psychology, I have a passion for learning about new techniques and advancements in the field of psychotherapy which I can bring to my sessions. I am currently a member of PACFA, the national peak body for counselling and psychotherapy in Australia, registration number 24374.

I also currently provide counselling services to FDS Australia, a charitable organisation set up to assist the family members of those suffering from addiction.

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