Kristin Hall and Helen O'Byrne Psychotherapists
Elysian Psychotherapy Clinic
an integrative clinic

About Elysian Psychotherapy

We welcome you to Elysian Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling Clinic – a place of warmth, comfort and open-heart connection. The word Elysian describes a blissful and peaceful state, one which we believe is accessible to each of us through meaningful inner work. Having both experienced the deep changes that therapy can bring, our passion is to make therapy accessible for all who need it, not just in times of crisis but when we are seeking deeper connection within ourselves and with others.


Throughout the course of life, we are in a constant state of change; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some experiences can be navigated with ease but there are times when grief, loss, trauma, relationship breakdown, parenting or the transitions of life can impact our mental health and leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and alone. Having a trusted therapist who can encourage a client’s innate capacity for healing is fundamental in navigating through such challenging times.


As every client is unique, we don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to therapy. Integrative psychotherapy and counselling is a combined approach that utilises different modalities, suited to each client. Working with a holistic view of the individual (body, mind and soul) and bringing the unconscious into consciousness is central to our work.


With postgraduate qualifications in psychotherapy and counselling, we are both registered psychotherapists and members of PACFA, Australia’s governing body for psychotherapy and counselling. Our core training is in Process-Oriented Psychology, with additional and specialised training undertaken in a variety of different modalities. With ongoing professional development and supervision, our work is grounded in ethical practice with the best interests and wellbeing of our clients as our primary focus.


As an integrative clinic, we work alongside a range of specialised collaborators who enhance the holistic nature of our work both at the clinic and via our workshops. We are part of a broader community of registered psychotherapists with different skills and will always seek to refer and connect our clients when appropriate.


We look forward to welcoming you to our calm and beautiful space in the heart of Mosman Village on Sydney’s lower North Shore.

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