Why Come to Elysian HOLISTIC CENTRE?

Do you feel disconnected from who you truly are and often wonder – who am I?
Are you driven by achievement and perfectionism or have you found yourself in a career that brings you no joy?

Do your relationships (romantic, friendships and family) inspire, nourish and support you or do they create tension and unhappiness? Do you have a healthy relationship with your body and appreciate all it does for you?

Is there an underlying feeling of anxiety in your waking hours that also disturbs the quiet of the night, leaving you feeling continually on edge?

Does the noise in your head drown out the voice of your intuition?

Is there a critical voice that constantly judges, destroys your self esteem and creates self doubt?

Has parenting left you feeling depleted, overwhelmed and unable to practice the self-love and compassion you so truly deserve? Have the transitions of menopause, empty nest or caring for elderly parents taken their toll?

Does past trauma keep you stuck in a place you can’t escape from?

Are you struggling with the devastation of loss and grief, striving to put on your bravest face, handle all you can while continuing to support those around you?

Are there times when it all becomes too much?

If you can relate, then know that you are not alone. As individuals we are always in a state of change, with each stage of life posing new challenges that often make us question our identity, assumptions and purpose. There are times when we feel the need to seek deeper meaning, clarity and connection to ourselves and to others, and Elysian Psychotherapy Clinic was inspired to honour this process.

Our therapeutic approach is dedicated to bringing together heart and science and using expressive work as a way of healing – working holistically with the mind, body and soul. We have found that talk therapy alone does not bring clients to the place that they need to access.

Our approach is to take our clients out of their head and mind and into the experience of what is happening in the body. Using Somatic Psychotherapy, Art therapy, Celtic Sound Healing, Sandplay, Movement, Creative Storytelling, Personal Biography and Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work), we can bring our clients to deeper levels of creativity and understanding.

We welcome you to come see how we can help you feel supported as we challenge you to grow to live the life you truly deserve. We welcome all  to our nurturing and compassionate space.

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